Non-artist Statement

I’m still not clear what makes someone an artist, and whether I am one, or at what point I became one, or if I was born one. I’ve been labeled an artist by family and teachers and peers my entire life and it’s always made me uneasy. Because to me, I simply make stuff. And now that I’ve exhibited in shows and can justify the artist label, I’m no more comfortable with it.

Through my drawings, photographs, mobiles, assemblage and digital art, I represent or reinvent what I see – experimenting with composition, color, lighting, technique, and materials – and I feel driven to do it – it's not something I can turn off.

99% of what I create is an interpretation of what I see. And maybe 1% is an expression of what I feel. I would like to expand that 1%. Then I might feel more like an artist.

In the meantime, I will simply keep making stuff.

Peace and art,


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