"My paintings begin with automatic drawing to ensure the foundation is one of genuine expression and to quickly thwart the lure of calculated design. I follow the trail of an idea, an emotion, a quandary -- without notions of where it’s leading. I try to push aside cerebral influence, to clear the way for intuitive response. And once that truth emerges, my aim is to pull it into being, give it attention, and temper what's not essential.

Painting is both my attempt at self-actualization and the manifestation of inner perceptions. Embedded are struggles between my big C’s: concern and complicity, clarity and confusion, courage and cowardice, chaos and control. Each of my paintings is a message in a bottle that more or less states, we were here.

I’m using acrylic, gouache, charcoal, pastel, and pencil, on paper or canvas."


Carin Walsh is a museum educator, exhibit organizer, and multi-disciplinary exhibiting artist. Walsh splits her time between her work at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, as a Board member of The Carrack Modern Art, and developing her studio practice. She is trained in Visual Thinking Strategies and regularly engages viewers in discussions about art. Walsh graduated from State University of New York College at Buffalo with a degree in Broadcast Communications.

WALSH/BLAZING is a collaborative art practice that includes painting, video, installation, photography, commercial commissions, and large-scale projection. Carin Walsh and Jenny Blazing use visual art to reframe environmental issues and generate conversations about measures to solve them. They bridge art and science by employing a research-based approach to environmental messaging through visual art. They have partnered with scientists and communication experts in engaging the public in discussions around our current environmental trajectory. WALSH / BLAZING contracts with museums, arts organizations, municipalities, and academic institutions to bring visual art to traditional exhibit spaces or via large-scale projection. Commercial commissions considered. Click here for WALSH/BLAZING current projects.

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